venerdì, 18 Gennaio 2019
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Relax, only five minutes for you

 Have you got the impression that your time is running?
Your life is a race.
It’s a new day. You wake up, you eat breakfast, you wash and you get dressed.
I tell you a secret.
I think,  if  you wake up positive, the day will be more satisfying and productive.
Clearly may be unexpected situations, it’s normal.
The life is sometimes  similar a game and you will watch the situation with another spirit and another perspective.
You may sing and smile more, so you will feel determined.
If every morning you wake up with the first ring of the alarm clock, what happens?
Tell me?
I tell you,  in this situation you will be nervous all day and contingencies become your sins.
You become grumpy, irritating and you would almost escape or even disappear.
So I want to give you some advice. Put the alarm a few minutes earlier. So you have those five extra minutes to yourself, to better face the day.
The time doesn’t run faster, and you will have the possibility to appreciate every  second of the new day.
The day are finishing, how are you?
I am satisfied and happy.
A new day has passed and another is coming.
Take another five minutes.
Relax, close your eyes and think of nothing.
Concentrate on your breath and listen.
What do you think?
If you feel calm, it means that you were right.
You are a lion and you managed to overcome all unexpected, difficulties with strength and determination.
That strength is your inner strength, which can be reached only if you live the day positively, benefiting from those five extra minutes to you.
I prefer to take them in the morning and the evening.
Take five minutes for you and then you feel more relaxed.